1650 Oliver Cromwell Battle of Dunbar Restrike in White metal


Battle of Dunbar, 1650, a large white metal restrike medal, c. 1870, from dies by T. Simon and the same dies as previous, 41mm, 28.46g (Lessen, BNJ 1981, p.121 and pl. xi, 23, this piece; Henfrey pl. i, 1; Platt I, pp.331-2, type X, this piece cited; MI I, 392/14; E 181a).

A trial strike on an oversized unfinished flan, die cracks both sides, otherwise extremely fine and as made


R.C. and O.M.W. Warner Collection, R.E. Ockenden Collection [from O.M.W.W. 1964], bt R.E.O.

This is the final restrike series from the original dies, important in showing what the flawed dies looked like at the end, and it was made by the Wyon firm in the 1870s. The Wyon productions were commercial, although this particular example, and others like it, may not have been. The dies disappeared after this period; the current dies in the British Museum from Pinches are false


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