1646 Charles I Hartlebury Castle Halfcrown


Charles I (1625-1649) Halfcrown  Hartlebury Castle, Worcester mint, 1646. Charles on horseback left, holding reins with left hand and sword in right (pear) CAROLVS · D : G · MAG [· BRIT · FR]AN · ET · HIB · REX, rev.  CHRISTO : AV[SPICE : RE]GNO, garnished coat-of-arms; [H C in lower garnish] mm. pear/three pears . (S.3129; N. 2626) Bull 679 (same dies); Brooker 1137 [same die])

Struck on a large but irregular egg shaped flan, a better than Very Fine for issue example of this rare issue.


Ex Cumberland Clark Collection

* Hartlebury Castle, the residence of the Bishop of Worcester, was fortified and held by Royalist supporters during the English Civil War. Though prepared for a lengthy siege, the castle surrendered without a single shot fired after being besieged by Colonel Thomas Morgan for only two days. Morgan ordered fortifications to be slighted. The residence was later sold to a private citizen by the Parliamentary Commissioners.

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