1645 Charles I Exeter Mint Crown

Charles I (1625-49), Exeter Mint (1643-46), Crown mm castle 1645, date in legend, armoured King on horseback left, crowned holding upright sword, with flowing scarf of two ends, mm. castle, rev. Oval quartered shield of arms with scroll garniture, 1645. (S.3062; N.2561; Brooker 1041 [same dies]; Lockett 12, obverse III; Besly D.20 ) weight 29.25 grams.

Toned, weakly struck on parts of legend, slightly irregular shaped flan, otherwise good very fine for issue.


Bought Seaby Coins, London, August 1981 and listed in the Seaby Coin & Medal Bulletin, London, April 1981 (E165).

Ex Noble Numismatic (Australia)  Sale 93, 13th - 16th April  2010 , Lot 2409

Ex DNW Auction, 6th February 2013, lot 520

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