1644 Charles I Welsh Marches Halfcrown


Charles I  (1625-1649) Halfcrown, Welsh Marches, mm: plume. Dated 1644. crude workmanship after the style of Bristol, Charles on horseback left, holding reins with left hand and sword in right rev. Declaration in two lines divided by row of pellets, three plumes above, date below, (Bull 684; SCBI Brooker 1212, same dies; N –; S 3135) – 

One of the most enigmatic coinage issues of the Engish Civl war. The handful of known (12) examples are all of crude manufacture, and appear to have been made on a simple rocker press (like the Hartlebury Castle issue) and the with the form of Declaration style follows that of Bristol, certainly suggest a western origin. For issue this example is probably much as struck and extremely rare.

*In Maurice Bulls Book “The Halfcrowns of Charles I”, he lists 12 examples of this exceptionally rare halfcrown, with one referred to as “Hawkins 509 (unseen)”. This incredible and much as struck specimen was discovered by a metal detector in the Grosmont. It is in our opinion having seen images of the other known examples of this most intriguing issue that this coin is the single finest and of the highest of rarity.

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