1644 Charles I, Oxford Mint Shilling


Charles I (1625-49), Oxford mint (1642-46), Shilling, large Crowned bust of finer work,  jewelled armour and lozenge stops on obv.facing left, MAG BR FR ET HIBER. mm. Shrewsbury plume on obv only. Rev. Declaration in three lines reads RELIG PRO LEG ANG LIB PAR, three Shrewsbury plumes above, date and ox below, pellet stopS (S.2975; N.2449; Morr D-11; Brooker 945 [same dies]) weight 5.70 grams


Ex Patrick Finn List 13, coin number 297  “reverse double struck otherwise Very Fine and very rare”

Slightly double-struck on reverse, otherwise about very fine and toned, the die combination rare.

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