1644 Charles I Chester Mint Halfcrown.


Charles I (1625-1649), Chester mint (1644), Halfcrown, mm. three upright gerbs, horseman left, Chester plume in field, CHST below horse, oval scroll-garnished shield  (S.3130; N.2627/1Bull 575 (47-2), Lyall B/2; SCBI Brooker 1111)

Seldom will you see a Halfcrown such as this extraordinary survivor of the Chester Mint struck during the English Civil War. Pre 1995, this halfcrown was submitted to the Bristol Museum for identification and we assume (currently awaiting confirmation from the museum themselves) that this was a find by its previous owner. Chester was garrisoned for the King from September 1642 and remained in royalist hands until surrendering in February 1646, with coins made only in 1644 when it was ordered that £100 - worth of the city's remaining plate be "forthwith converted into cone" towards the city's defence and payment in debts.  This coin one of a very small number of surviving examples of this type B/2 Halfcrown and must be amongst the boldest in private hands. The CHST faint however the detail of the king on horseback and the plume in the obverse field are remarkably well struck up. For issue Good Very Fine and very very rare.


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