1644 Charles I Bristol Mint Halfcrown (s.3010)


Charles I (1625 - 49) Bristol Mint (1643-5) Halfcrown,  1644, mm.Plume/ Br , plume behind horseman,Br monogram below, rev. Declaration in two lines,  three Bristol plumes above date and br monogram below (S.3010; N.2492; Bull 643/5; Morr.D-5; JGB -)

A really good Very fine made on a broad flan with superb eye appeal. A type not represent in the J.G Brooker Collection. 


Ex Patrick Finn, list 17, 1999, (339) - £800

Ex P. Earthy Collection (13) 2000

Ex Coins of Britain, 2012 - £2100

Ex The Ridgewood Collection - M&H Coins Circular 



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