1644 - 45 Charles I Worcester Mint Halfcrown


Charles I (1625-1649), Worcester mint, Halfcrown, mm. small lis on obv. only, tall horseman, nothing below, crowned oval garnished shield,  (S 3124; N. 2605: Brooker 1163 [same dies] ;Bull 675/39; Allen I-39) weight 14.4 grams

Recently found near the estate of High Ercall Hall, Telford, which during the English Civil War was besieged 3 times in-between 1644 and 1646.  Exceedingly rare and much as the day it was dropped.

Interestingly High Ercall Hall was featured on a episode of the Channel 4 series Time Team, were they attempted to signs of the original building that was bombarded and destroyed during the third and final besiegement of High Ercall in 1646.

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