1642 Charles I Oxford Mint Halfcrown with Shrewsbury Plumes - Excessively Rare die variety


Charles I (1625 - 49) Oxford Mint (1642 - 46) Halfcrown, Shrewsbury horseman, no plume behind, high ground line below (a Shrewsbury die) rev. Three Oxford plumes above Declaration, date below, reads inimici, (Bull 590/2; Morr. B-2; Brooker - ; N 2409; S 2950). weight 15.20 grams 

One of the earliest forms of Oxford Mint Halfcrown, the obverse struck from one of the dies bought from Thomas Bushell's Shrewsbury Mint. Very Fine with double striking on the reverse but a excessively rare die with just 4 recorded, one of which resides in the British Museum's Collection.

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