1642 CHARLES I OXFORD MINT HALFCROWN Ex Lt. Col Morrieson Collection


Charles I (1625-49), Oxford Mint (1642 - 46() Halfcrown, 1642, 'Declaration' type, Oxford, 'dumpy' Shrewsbury horseman and plume, no ground line, rev. three 'Oxford' plumes, date below, , 5h, m.m. plume (BNJ, 1921, pl. III, no. 27 this coin = Morrieson G-3; Lockett 2450/-, same obverse die; Beresford-Jones 561 [S.2952: N. 2411: Brooker - ;  Bull 595/3) Weight 14 grams

One of the most rare and unusual Halfcrowns struck at Oxford during the civil war. With only 4 known examples of this die variety recorded and a single other example with a reverse legend error, this cartoon like depiction of Charles I on Horseback is a type many collectors will not come across. This example was illustrated In the 1921 BNJ paper by Morrieson on the Coinage of the Oxford mint. Having been struck off centre and on a small flan it makes the coin appear much smaller than it is, also there is a Tun like shaped die flaw present in the obverse field on this and the few other known specimens. To demonstrate just how rare this type Halfcrown, is the famed and huge collection of Charles I coinage put together by John G Brooker didn't have an example represented of this Halfcrown. Deeply Toned, Good Fine and extremely rare !

Illustrated By LT.-COL. H. W. MORRIESON, in his British Numismatic Journal paper of 1921 titled THE COINAGE OF OXFORD, 1642-46.

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