1642-49 Charles I Gilt Royalist Badge


Charles I, cast silver-gilt Royalist badge by T. Rawlins, bust right, rev. crowned arms within Garter, 44 x 33mm (Platt type A; MI I, 360/231; E 167b).

A superb Good Very fine with a wonderful and captivating appearance. 

With the out break of the English Civil War the earliest Royalist badges bearing the kings bust were struck by order of Charles and given for military valour. Afterwards he bestowed them for special services, and then they were given away to his soldiers and adherents to keep alive the Royalist cause.

This exquisite specimen in silver gilt is extremely impressive in hand and comes from a collection formed in the late 1800's were it has remained until now. Fully gilt examples are much scarcer than those in just silver and presumably would have been awarded or bestowed to an individual of some significance whether it be a high ranking officer in the kings army or dignitary.

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