1642 - 49 CHARLES I and Henrietta Maria Gilt Royalist Badge


Charles I and Henrietta Maria, a cast silver-gilt badge by T. Rawlins, crowned bust of Charles right, rev. draped bust of Henrietta Maria left, wreath border, 56 x 40mm (MI I, 355/216; E 166a).

An exceptional and exquisitely preserved piece of Civil War history. Royalist Badges such as this incredible example would have be presented to dignitary's and Important Royalist land owners and supporters and worn and treasured as a sign of their allegiance to the Kings cause. In all probability when Charles raised his standard in Nottingham in 1642, some of his principal adherents would be in possession of these badges, and wore them openly to show their loyalty to their sovereign.  It is on record that Charles ordered a special badge to be made for Sir Robert Welch Knight, for the rescue of the Standards of the King's Own Regiment at the battle of Edge Hill, October 23rd, 1642. Almost perfectly preserved with just the slightest of rub at the highest points of the Badge, with loop and ring for suspension, very rare so choice.

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