1639 CHARLES I SCOTTISH REBELLION MEDAL- The Illustrated Medal in Platt, Vol I, page 151


Charles I (1625 - 49) the Scottish Rebellion, 1639, silver medal, by Thomas Simon, initial S. for Simon on the side of breastplate armour below horse, king facing, holding baton, mounted on spirited horse galloping over arms, rev. hand issuing from the clouds holds a cord uniting a rose and a thistle, 32mm (MI 282/91, E.134a, Platt type B, p.150).


The Illustrated Medal in Platt, The English Civil Wars, Volume I, page 151

Ex Morton and Eden auction, 21/05/2003, lot 1139

The 1639 Scottish Rebellion Medal was struck to celebrate the extinction of the Rebellion in Scotland and was engraved by none other than Thomas Simon. This superb GVF and well toned example displays Simon's wonderful artistic skills and portrays the King on Horseback galloping over arms. This design is clearly the precursor to the enigmatic and excessively rare 1642 Exeter Halfcrown (S.3071) and with so many shared characteristics is does make to wonder although almost impossible to prove whether he was also the person behind that coins design. 

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