1635-6 Charles I, type 3b, mm Crown over Bell Halfcrown


Charles I (1625-49), Tower mint under the King (1625-42),Halfcrown, type 3b, early third horseman ,no caparisons on horse, scarf flying from kings waist, CAROLVS D G MAG BR FR ET HIB REX. Rev. Large plume above oval garnished shield, CHRISTO AVSPICE RECNO, MM crown over Bell (1635-6). (S.2774;N.2210; Brooker 324 - this coin) weight 14.80 grams 


Ex Grant Francis Collection (illustrated in his article in the 1917 British numismatic journal) 

Ex R C Lockett Collection 4477

Ex Lord Rodney Smith Collection 

Ex J G Brooker 324

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