1629 - 30 Charles I Tower Mint mm Heart over Anchor / Heart Unite


Charles I(1625 - 49), Tower mint under the king (1625-49) Group B, Second bust, in ruff , armour and mantle rev. Square-topped shield  mm. Heart over Anchor / Heart (S.2687; Brooker Obv 55 / - ; Schneider. - )

A clear obverse overmark, Better than Very fine and a die variety not fully matched in Brooker and presumably rare. We also note the E of REX also is struck over another letter beneath. Upon closer scrutiny we noted the obverse die of our coin which is struck from a rusted die is the as  J.G. Brookers Coin no. 55 with the matching raised flaw in front the king nose and rasied flaws in the surfaces surrounding the mark of value (XX) behind the King and have added an additional illustration from Brooker's Syollgue. The reverse die featured on this coins isnt a match to any of 2 Heart over Anchor Unites in Brookers collection, nor his other 4 standard mm heart Unites in his collection. There is similarities in the placement and size of the mintmark used on Brooker coin no. 59 however the Harp used on his coin is very different as illustrated above.

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