1629 - 30 Charles I tower Mint Mm Heart Halfcrown


Charles I (1625-1649), Tower mint under the king (1625 - 42) , Halfcrown, Group II/I mule, mm heart, second horseman left, rose on housing, no ground line, rev. plume above square-topped shield (S 2768: N.2204; Bull 76/7; SCBI Brooker 295-6) weight - 14.67 grams

Arguably the single rarest Tower mint Halfcrown issued. With as few as 5 known of this excessively rare type, this the finest in private hands only bettered by the British Museums example. The appearance of the circular scratches behind the Kings bust appear to be the workings of the engravers compass (?). Nearly very fine, extremely rare,  one of a few surviving examples of this brief transitional issue with a remarkable pedigree.


V.J.E. Ryan Collection Part II, Glendining Auction, 22-4 January 1952, lot 1088

R. Carlyon-Britton Collection; with Seaby 1959

Dr E. Burstal Collection, Glendining Auction, 15-16 May 1968, lot 267

T.W.J.D. Dupree Collection, Dispersed by Spink

P. Hunt Collection

Colin Adams Collection, Spink Auction 177, 1 December 2005, lot 82.

The "Welsh Marches' Collection of British Coins, DNW, 3rd December 2018, lot 289

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