1625 Charles I, type 1a1 Mm Lis Halfcrown


Charles I (1625-49), Tower mint under the King (1625-42), Halfcrown, type 1a1, first horseman, king in plain armour with sword over shoulder on horseback left, plumes on horses head and rump, crowned rose on housing, ground line below, CAROL S D G MAG BRI ET HI REX Rev. long cross fourchee over square garnished shield CHRISTO AVSPICE REGNO mm. Lis (1625) (S.2763;N.2200;Brooker 276a [same dies]; Bull 8/1c-I - this coin) weight 12.92 grams 


Ex H M LIngford Collection 

1 of just 8 known, a really good fine, and interesting as it Is of lightweight however appears to be a full flan. Possibly a lightweight issue piece ?

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