1559-60 Elizabeth I mm Lis First Issue Shilling

Elizabeth I, first issue, 1559-60, Shilling, m.m. lis, with wire line and beaded inner circles, crowned bust left, rev. shield over long cross fourchée (N.1985; S.2549) weight 5.95 grams.
What an incredible portrait and coin ! This magnificent shilling has one of the best portraits we have seen on this rare early type Elizabeth I Shilling, however and most curiously this piece has historically been worn by one of its custodians in some sort of broach. Upon closer scrutiny you will see the reverse, the remains of when the coin was previously suspended. The coins die Axis is positioned so when pinned to its past owners clothing it would have sat perfectly. A most fascinating piece, that without its past suspension in todays market would have easily been worth in the region of 2000 or more.

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