1643 Charles I Oxford Mint Halfcrown - Bull 605/23


Charles I (1625 - 49) Oxford Mint (1642 - 43) 1643, mm. Oxford plume/rosette, 'Briot' horseman walking left, grassy ground below, Oxford plume behind, legend reads CAROLLVS.D.G.MAG.BRI.FRA.ET.HI.REX rev. Declaration in two lines RELI PRO.LEG.ANG.LIB.PAR, (reads prO), three Oxford plumes above, date and OX below, double pellet/rosette stops (S.2957 : N2416: Morr. H-23; JGB 896 (same obverse die): Bull 605/23)weight 14.65 grams 

Struck on an irregular flan and a weakly struck up horseman as is often for this type, however a scarce example with this reverse , a very clear legend error and script J in date instead of a 1.

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