1643 Charles I Oxford Mint Halfcrown - Bull 605/17E

Charles I (1625-1649), Oxford mint, Halfcrown, 1643, mm. Oxford plume on obv. only, Briot’s horseman, Oxford plume behind king, grassy ground below, reads carollvs, rev. Declaration, three Oxford plumes above, date below, v over s in devs (S 2956; N.2416; Bull 605/17E; Morr. H-17E; SCBI Brooker 893)
Weak on obverse, otherwise very fine or better and probably much as struck, VERY RARE. V over S in DEVS and LL in CAROLVS. At the time of Bulls "The Halfcrowns of Charles I" books only 3 examples were recorded. This now an additional specimen with a intriguing past being found in 1917 as part of the Winchester Hoard.

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