1643-44 Charles I Ireland, Ormonde Siege Crown


IRELAND. Charles I (1625-164. Silver siege crown. Ormonde Siege coinage. (1643). C R crowned. Crown: smaller, entirely within inner circle; R: ornate leg crosses inner circle line and turns up at end. (cf Aquilla Smith obv 1) / Large V, S above. V: medium lines, serifs cross inner circle; S: plain serifs, well centered but slanted right. (A Smith S5). S. 6544. D&F 289)

Pretty well centred, some ancient abrasions, but struck on a large but rough flan. An old gray glossy patina. Issued by the Lords Justice at Dublin to express allegiance to the King of England; in its day, known simply as emergency money, but long collected as Ormonde Money in recognition of the Earl of Ormonde, who was appointed Lieutenant of Ireland in 1643. It stands to reason that this largest coin of the period is often the least well preserved, considering its intended use in wartime

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