1843 Victoria 3 struck over Inverted 2 Full Gold Sovereign


Victoria (1837-1901), Sovereign, 1843, with 3 of date struck over an inverted 2, First young head left, W.W. raised on truncation, date below, rev.Crowned shield of arms, laurel wreath surrounding, emblems below (S.3852; Marsh 26b [R5, 9 - 14 known examples]; Bentley 44)

Toned with much original brilliance. Some light surface marks, otherwise a bold very fine, reverse stronger and a very rare overdate.

According to the notes featured in Bentley Collection catalogue of 8th May 2013 published by A.H.Baldwins  "This extremely rare overdate was only discovered in 1980 by the late Michael Marsh, according to his publication. From the scant few survivors evident it is therefore likely that only one or perhaps two obverse dies dated 1842 were in serviceable enough use at the end of their production run not to be scrapped and overstruck with the new date figure 3 to continue into the issue of 1843 dated sovereigns."


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