1551 Edward VI mm Y Gold Half Sovereign


Edward VI (1547 - 53) Gold Half Sovereign. Third coinage issue (1550-53), Crown Gold coinage. Southwark mint, Crowned and armoured bust right, holding sword over right shoulder and globus cruciger in left hand mm Y (1551).  rev. crowned coat-of-arms; E-R across fields. (S.2451; Schneider 693 (same obv. die); N.1928).

NGC graded Very Fine 35. The mm. Y gold coinage much scarer than Tun and seldom encountered with only a handful we can source in public auctions over the past 10 years. The mm. Y coinage is noted in numismatic circles as being 5 times rarer than the mm tun examples.

The mm. y coins struck across all the crown gold issues totalled just £3,597 and were minted between 1st October 1551 up until 31st March 1552. The mm Y was used from Sir John York  surname initial who was Under-Treasure at the Tower Mint during this period.

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