1643 Charles I York Mint Halfcrown - A over R error !


Charles I (1625-49), Halfcrown, York Mint, (1643-4) Type 7, Seond horseman EBOR below, King seated on horseback left, with tail between legs mm. lion, CAROLVS. D. G. MAG. BRIT. FRA. ET. HIBA. (A over R) REX., rev., Crowned oval shield with lion skin garniture  CHRISTO. AVSPICE. REGNO.,  mm Lion (Bull 556; Besly 2-A;  Brooker 1088, Hawkins 7; N.2315; S.2869)

Handsomely toned and  Very Fine in grade although the horseman has been weakly struck. This highly unusual and rare legend error halfcrown was bought by its previous owner the renowned  collector and author of the "Halfcrowns of Charles I " books  Maurice Bull) in January 1975 from the Oxford Coin Fair. This the first time in 45 years this coin has been offered. 

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