1643 - 4 Charles I York Mint Type 3 Halfcrown


Charles I (1625-49), Halfcrown, York Mint, (1643-4) Type 3 King seated on horseback left, with gno ground-line below mm. lion, CAROLVS. D. G. MAG. BRI. FR. ET. HI. REX., rev., Oval  garnished shield  CHRISTO. AVSPICE. REGNO.,  mm Lion (Bull 554 (this coin); Besly 1-E;  Brooker 1079, Hawkins 3; N.2311; S.2865) weight 14.56 grams

This the illustrated specimen shown in Bull’s “the Halfcrowns of Charles I, Vol. III ”. Struck on a small shaped flan as is often the case with this type.  This type 3 has one of the best struck portraits we have seen one a York Halfcrown. The fields highlighted by a incredible cyan lustre, which add to the coins wonderful eye appeal and character. There appear to be a series of light scratches in an around the obverse fields, none of which detriment the coin in our opinion. 


Ex Lloyd Bennett

Ex Maurice Bull Collection bought 1993

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