1626 - 7 Charles I tower Mint mm Negros head Shilling - Ex J G Brooker 408


Charles I (1625 - 49) Tower mint under the King (1625 - 42) Shilling, Group B, Second bust, type 1a, in ruff, armour and mantle , rev. square topped shield over cross fourchee mm. negro's head (1626-7) (S..2784; Sharp B2/1 : Brooker 408 - this coin) Weight 5.75 grams 

One of the rarest (in silver)and most controversial mint marks from the Tower series. A type which is rarely encountered and a mint mark often not represented in many collections due to its rarity. Both the obverse and reverse mint marks are very well struck and clear, made on a neat flan, well toned, with what appears to be a deliberate attempt to deface the king just in front of his face nonetheless a very very rare issue, seldom seen. Furthermore the obverse dies used to strike this shilling is the same that was used to mint the Gold Unite with just the mark of value behind altered from XX to XII. Upon closer scrutiny you can clearly see the previous XX inbetween the II. The rarity of this mm in silver is hugely underestimated in the Spinks Standard catalogue's. 


Ex Symonds Collection, Glendinings 26/09/1973, lot 83

Ex J G Brooker Collection Coin no. 408

Ex Spink 07/1985 - £65

Ex Johnstone Collection no. 15

Ex Spink July 1995

Ex M Senior, 05/2002

Ex Alan Morris Collection

Ex Lloyd Bennett 07/2011


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