1660 Charles II Pattern Broad


Charles II , Restoration of the Monarchy, 1660, Pattern Broad by T. Simon aureate bust right, wearing Garter badge over armour, hair falling over shoulder, signed s below, carolvs ii d g mag br fr et hi rex, rev. magna opera domini, crowned shield of arms, edge plain (Lessen, BNJ 1995, type Ba; Nathanson p.34; MI I, 463/59; N 2776)

An attractive specimen in Good very fine grade. We note a PR55 graded specimen was sold by Atlas for $4,000, a almost identical example of this pattern was sold by Davisson Auctions for $2,600 and Spink sold a example for £2,400 hammer + 24% BP (£2976)


Ex Lloyd Bennett (with old ticket pre dating 2006)

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