1847 Queen Victoria Gothic Crown


Victoria (1837 - 1901) 'Gothic' Crown, 1847, 'Gothic' just left rev. Crowned cruciform shields , emblems in angles, UNDECIMO on edge (S.3883: ESC 288; Bull 2571)

One of the most spectacular and sought after crowns of the English Milled Series. The Proof Gothic Crown with lettered edge were limited to a mintage of just 8,000 pieces and the superb design was the work of William Wyon. This Specimen has a exceptional amount of eye appeal and is visually one of the most appealing examples we have seen of this issue. Its radiant tones highlight the peripherals of the obverse legends and illuminates the reverses intricate design. Overall a better than Extremely Fine grade example with a few trivial marks and surface scratches, none that in our opinion spoil this superb coins overall spectacular appearance.

We have added additional images taken in a different settings to show this coins illuminating appeal

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