1658/7 Oliver Cromwell Crown struck in Pewter


Crown, 1658/7, in pewter, laureate bust left, rev. crowned shield, edge plain, 28.52g/440.4gr/6h (Lessen, BNJ 1966, p.168, E14, this coin; L & S 1b; ESC 242 [–]; cf. S 3226).  

A most intriguing and fascinating piece certainly worthy of further research. Listed in Marvin Lessens BNJ article from 1966 on the coinage of Oliver Cromwell (E14). Assumed a contemporary cast, much as struck and extremely rare.


Spink Numismatic Circular, October 1947, (52848) - £5. 5. 0

Ex Warner

Ex Ockendon

Ex M.Lessen 

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