1642 Charles I Oxford Mint Halfcrown - Excessively rare 1 of 2 known

Charles I (1625-1649), Oxford mint (1642-46), Halfcrown, 1642, mm. Oxford plume on obv. only, Shrewsbury horseman, groundline below, Oxford plume in field, rev. three Oxford plumes above Declaration, date below, (S 2952; N 2411; Brooker - Bull 592/3 [Ox.1-6-1f]this coin ; Oxford Bull 592/B; Morr. D-3). weight 14.72 grams 
Struck on a slightly irregular flan, Better than very fine with an exceptional horseman. Toned, excessively rare with the chainmail saddle, the kings is sitting on. In total only 9 halfcrown's exist with such detail and only are 2 known for this specific die combination con-tray to the original listing in Bull. 

Dr E.C. Carter Collection; Glendining Auction, 18 June 1975, lot 126
Glendining Auction, 10 October 1989, lot 1256 

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